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GDNC Cactus & Desert Plant Nursery welcomes YOU

GDNC Cactus & Desert Plant Nursery welcomes YOU

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​​​​​​​​​​GDNC Cactus & Desert Plant Nursery


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​​​​GDNC Cactus & Desert Plant Nursery


       GDNC Cactus & Desert Plant Nursery is the daughter company to GLS Landscaping Inc. (established in 2000), a family-owned and operated business servicing the Coachella Valley. Our team at GDNC Inc. prides itself as a local company that exceeds standard credentials, with extensive knowledge on cactus and desert plant and 30 years of experience in landscaping services. We specialize in sustaining acclimated desert plants. GDNC's 12-acre nursery houses a large inventory of drought-resistant plants and flowering vines, with over 40 species of cactus and over 50 species of agave. GDNC Cactus and Desert Plant Nursery is no stranger to blooming plants, palms, shrubs and evergreens. We have a wide variety of species of plants suitable for any landscape.

​        It is GDNC Inc's pleasure to assist our clients' necessities with the team's knowledge of materials available at our nursery was well as provide resources and advice for home installations and landscape designs. 
Purchasing a plant signifies the start of a beautiful garden. At GDNC Cactus & Desert Plant Nursery, we are more than willing to assist our clients and listen to any questions or concerns regarding our clients' journey to owning their dream garden.